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Unit Circuits Co., Limited
Address: No.3 Shatouxiang Industrial Zone,Changzhen Community,
Gongming,Shenzhen,China 518106
Flex PCB
1.     Layer Count:1-8 layers
2.     Min. Line Width/Space: 2/2 mil
3.     Max Panel Size: 500*1800mm(single-sided); 500*1200mm(double-sided);
4.     Surface: Immersion Gold,ENIG, OSP/Entek, LF HASL,ENIPEG
5.     Base Material: Dupont, Shengyi, KB, ITEQ, Grace, Thinflex
6.     Impedance Control: 50-70ohm for single ended; 90-100ohm for differential
7.     Specialized in HDI, blind/buried via
8.     Big Size of flex PCB is availble and mature.
We are serving customers:
Contract Electronic Manufacturing
SMT Assemblies
Medical Devices, Automotive Electronics
Membrane Switch Assemblies
TFT LCDs and touch screens
Industrial PC/Operator Panel, Monitor, Terminal
Test & Measurement instruments