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Flex PCB
Flex PCB
FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit)is a special kind PCB that consist of a thin insulating polymer film, with features of very light.

 Today, Unit Flex circuits are found in electronic components for diverse applications including:

It is time now for more product design engineers and manufacturers to recognize the advantages of flexible printed circuit boards which are manufactured in much the same way as their rigid counterparts. Although flex circuits are a little more tedious at high layer counts, they are typically more cost-effective for a number of reasons.

Advantages of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

  • Simplify system design and reduce production cost
  • Solve packaging problems, especially in smaller products with tight designs as well as improve internal appearance
  • Offer considerable weight reduction when compared to wire harnesses
  • Enhanced flexibility and lighter weight help absorb and reduce vibrations
  • Increase reliability as little or no wiring reduces the risk of connection failure
  • Being resistant to water, moisture, shock, high temperatures and corrosion, they can be used in harsh environments
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