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Flex PCBs in wearable devices

We don't know from when we start using smart phone from time to time. The first thing we should do when we get up in the morning is reach our phone rather than other things.


On the way to work, we use phone to review news, enjoy videos, talk with friends...


In a word, we can't live without smart phone, we must admit it. Although most gain joyness and convenience from smart phone, few know how the smart phone help us live boring and lonely day, what is the secret at the back side of touch screen? Let me tell you, that is flex PCB.


Actually, besides smart phone, flex PCBs are highly applied in many other wearable devices, like smart watches, intelligent helmet, intelligent shoes and so on.


With the development of wearable devices, I believe the demand of flex PCBs will increase accordingly, and most flex PCBs will be used in sports equipments, entertainment equipments and medical equipments.Welcome to reach Unit Circuits to fabricate your flexible circuits, thank you.