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Flex circuits: Strengths & Weaknesses--Unit Circuits



Flexible printed circuit board is made of flexible insulated base material, it has many advantages which rigid printed circuit board hasn’t:

①Flexible and foldable features: FPC can be designed freely according to space requirements, which achieve the integration of components assembly and wire connection;

②Saving size and weight: FPC is lighter and smaller than PCB, satisfies the trend that most electronic products need to be high density, small size and high reliability. Therefore, FPC is widely used in the applications like aerospace, military, mobile communication, laptop, computer peripherals, PDA, digital camera and so on;

③Excellent heat dissipation and solderability: FPC has the advantages of good heat dissipation, solderability, easy to connect and lower cost. Besides, rigid flex boards cover the shortage of carrying capacity for components;



①High cost for one-time initial project: The cost for FPC design and production is high cause FPC is specially used in some applications. So people tend not to use FPC only have to;

②Hard for alter & mend: once finished production, it’s hard for alter or mend, if has to it must start from the beginning. There are two layers of coverlay on the two sides of FPC, it’s very difficult to take it off;

③Size restriction: FPC is not that widely used like PCB, so few factories manufacture FPC and most production facilities can only produce FPC within some sizes, like width 250mm and length 400mm.


Unit Circuits is willing to do both flexible circuits for prototypes, low volume production, medium production, large volume production.