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EMS Provider for Wearable Fitness Devices--Unit Circuits

We're glad to anounce that nowadays we've helped a client finish a project of wearable fitness devices. Unit Circuits plays the role of electronics manufacturing for some parts in this project. Hope future more people can benefit from this product.


This client told us we helped them saved lots of time and money in this project. That's really we want to hear from our customers. He mentioned that in the past, he had to find one supplier to make rigid circuit board, one supplier to make PCBs assembled well with electronics parts, one supplier to do purchasing all components needed, and the most difficult part is where to go find flex circuits supplier especially for the prototype stage. Now he works with Unit Circuits, all these he needs can be provided here.

Even no requirements for the repeat volume production, no MOQ for every projects, just feel ease, cause Unit Circuits aims to provide fast,flexible and low volume electronics manufacturing services.

If you're still hard pressed to looking for different EMS providers, I must say you're lucky to be here. Let Unit Circuits to support you in future projects.

Reach me out if your products are similar to wearable fitness devices. Thank you in advance.