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4 things you need know before fabricating flex circuits.

Flex circuits save space and reduce weight for the electronic applications, which gains more attentions and more demands for flex circuits. While some engineers for end applications failed to promote more flex circuits in their products because of limited knowledge about flex circuits. As a professional manufacturer of flex circuits, we think below 4 things you should consider before fabricating your flex circuits.


1. Learn how flex circuits work;

Do not hesitate to ask your suppliers. They are very glad to share lots of knowledge about flex circuits fabrication. If you are so lucky to meet with an experienced promotor, he/she may tell you the definite lamination and layer-up methods.

2. Get a sample;

Before investing lots of time and money creating new flex circuits prototype, you can ask for your supplier to send you a free or not free sample, then you can test all technical datas including size, thickness, surface finish... These all can help you avoid some failures when creating your own flex circuits, at same time, this sample also give you a general idea about your prototype.

3. Prepare a simple mock-up; 

After getting some information from flex circuits manufacturer and from Internet, with your long time experience of electronics designing, you can build up a simple mock-up to review the schematic or net-list details; Then check if flex circuits you created matches the end applications you want to assembly;

4.Evaluate the costs of creating prototype;

If you decide to fabricate all flex circuits by yourself, you can evaluate all the material, labor, engineering costs, and try your best to minimize the costs. If the quantity of flex circuits you need is huge, suggest you sourcing it from specialized fabricator, you just need send your gerber files and technical requirements, in 2-4 hours, they can provide you a very specific quote for your project, then you can compare it with the costs when you fabricate by yourself.

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