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Unit Circuits offers you a wide choice of flexible printed circuits: single-sided, double-sided, muti-layered to meet all the expectations of our customers. 

Flexible printed circuit boards represent an advanced and innovative approach to connecting electronic components. They are characterized by a medium between conventional printed circuits and bundles. The advantages of these systems are numerous:

Small size and space saving.

The weight of flexible printed circuits is significantly lower compared to conventional printed circuits. They thus make it possible to lighten the final product as well as to gain space. The gain in space and weight is of the order of 75% compared to traditional circuits. 


Ease of integration

Due to the characteristics of flexible printed circuits, integration into its environment is facilitated. It is possible to fold it so that it corresponds to your expectations. Unlike wiring, Flex circuits can only be mounted in one way: This avoids wiring errors! Due to its low weight it is possible to fix it to your product with a simple adhesive.


Operation in difficult conditions

Flexible printed circuit boards are designed to withstand harsh conditions. The conductors may be covered with a polyimide dielectric layer. This layer helps protect your flexible printed circuit board so that it works even under difficult conditions. It is also possible to add protection on the circuit: coverlay or silkscreen varnish. 


Vibration resistant

Due to its design and low density, flexible circuits are highly resistant to strong vibrations. They thus guarantee the necessary robustness for high reliability applications: Aviation, military.


Reach me out here if your pending projects need using rigid flex PCBs or flexible PCBs.