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Bill of Materials for PCB Assembly

Unit Circuits requires a bill of materials(BOM) prior to the commencement and scheduling of a PCB assembly order. When most customers initially contact Unit Circuits, they provide a sample BOM for their PCB assembly order. The BOM contains the list of parts or components used and their placement on the printed circuit board. The BOM allows Unit Circuits' Engineers to identify the distributors of parts and materials, as well as select and evaluate which distributor has the most cost-effective pricing.

When some parts or components on the BOM are unavailable at the time while the order is planned for production, Unit Circuits' Evaluator will provide alternative distributors for customers' reference. Prior to use in production, we shall send the replacement to customers for final approval.

Customers should complete information in all the fields, containing item number, reference designator, part description, quantity, manufacturer's name, manufacturer's part number, package, part type and so on.Besides accurate and full information, the BOM should also marked well which parts are not needed to be ordered or assembled by Unit Circuits. This will save more time during both quotation and production stage.

Moreover, Unit Circuits Team will be more than pleased if you could provide dimensions of non-standard components also with assembly instructions.