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How to choose a good manufacturer for PCB Assembly?

Many hardware designers may face this problem "How to choose a good manufacturer for PCB Assembly?" It seems very easy but full of chanllenges even though with ISO standards or 6S rules.Therefore, what should you notice when visiting a factory?


1. Sanitation

Sanitation reflects the responsibility of plant manager directly. You may say the quality of products is not determined by the workshp sanitation, but if with good sanitation condition, workers and staffs will be more comfortable when they produce or assembly your products.At same time, if the rights of worker are guaranteed well, to some extent you can trust this supplier more because they pay attentions to something others not only profits.

2.Movement & Placement of Material

There will be many different material during PCB Assembly, some components are very small. So it will be very significant if all the materials are moved and displayed in a controlled mode. You should observe if the factory equipped with Material storage rack/trolley,PCBA magazine rack and other ESD devices.

3.Capacity Utilization

If now you have large quantities orders, you must learn the rest capacity of this factory. Besides asking their salesperson directly, you should see the usage of their production workshop. If the workshop is full of PCBs and workers are really very busy to finish the assembly works, it's obvious that this factory has no other unused business capacity right now. When you start to cooperate with this PCB Assembly factory, you should pay more attention to the lead time. Otherwise, your orders will be delayed because of backward production capacity.


For international business, packaging is actually the first impression you give to your customer if they didn't visit your factory before. PCB or PCBA products are electronics related, if not with antistatic and stable packaging, no one can predict what will happen during such long time and long journey transportation. The products will be useless if they are damaged or defected when arriving the customers' place, even though you can say you tested 100% well before delivery.

5.Assembly equipment

The last but not least, assembly equipments are super important for a PCB assembly factory. You can evaluate it by below three items:

a.if complete set of equipments

b.if automation equipment

c.if capability of equipments can satisfy your requirements.

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